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The purpose of this site is to help people to find top quality tanning salons in Lakewood, as well as to provide enough information on choosing a tanning method that suits the needs of any individual.

Changes in the Tanning Industry: Just over the past few years there have been quite a number of changes in terms of tanning options for men and women. While some enjoy and prefer tanning beds, others might want to find out more about airbrush tanning, etc. It is actually quite important that one find out all they need in order to make an informed decision – this can make quite a difference.

What type of sunless tanning would be right for you? Airbrush tanning or spray tanning? Which lotions would work the best, and which products and indoor tanning services are safe?

Stick around — here at the Tanning Salons Lakewood website, we will provide you with enough information that you will likely have the answers to your questions – as well as being pointed to a service or product that you will love.

First, let’s talk about safety…

Woman SunbathingIs Tanning Safe?

We all want that Jennifer Lopez “glow” and fortunately we can have it without enduring the harsh heat of the sun. You can go to a tanning salon and within minutes you are the bronzed goddess that you’ve always wanted, suddenly you become the object of envy. Did you know that more than one million Americans go to tanning salons every single day? Yup that’s right, everyday! Seventy percent of indoor tanners are female (16 to 29 years old) and they are the group who is particularly at risk for developing skin cancer. I’m sure you’re going to ask- “how safe is tanning?” What are the risks involved? How much is too much?

Let’s talk tanning beds first. If you go to a reputable salon, they will provide you with information on the equipment safety, the healthiest way to tan and how to care for your skin after the procedure. You have to wear protective goggles to shield your eyes. In addition to that, limit your exposure to the sun to recommended amounts as sun burn may not develop for hours.

Woman Sunbathing on BeachIf the bulbs are newly replaced, they may cause you to tan faster. Ask the tanning bed operator or the salon staff about the age of the bulb. This is just my opinion but to be safe (generally), once you develop a tan, limit exposures to once a week. Don’t obsess about it! You can still maintain your tan without engaging yourself in unwarranted exposure. There are available products in the market that can help extend your tan.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. The tanning salon staff should know how long your session should be. For example, if you are a natural red head and you have a very fair skin that does not tan but rather burn, then you don’t need to be in the tanning bed for a long period of time. If this is the case, you can use a strong tanning lotion instead. It’s also important to avoid getting sunburn.

Just like anything and everything else, tanning should be done in moderation. Of course there would be dangers if you do it too much so again, don’t get too obsessed about it! As long as you follow safety tanning rules then you can pretty much assure yourself that you can avoid the risks associated with tanning and still enjoy that lovely golden glow. And Oh I almost forgot, whatever you do please don’t look orange!

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